After a largely prosperous set up in the UK, Binatone expanded considerably in the 70s. Subsequently opening its first office in Lagos, Nigeria, the company launched its operations in India in 1984. The company produced a string of color TVs using purified quartz.
Later, in the year 1993, after having successfully ventured in India, the company set its foot in Hong Kong, as Euro Suisse, primarily to cater to the commercial interests of the far eastern regions.
In the very next year, the company ventured across Africa and Russia. Starting with heaters, the company began producing domestic appliances by the year 1996.
In 2001, the company expanded across Ukraine and the major CIS countries. It began producing microwaves. The very next year the enterprise webbed considerably across places such as Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Lebanon, and Iran.
Three years later, in the year 2005, the company set its foot in China too. It opened its first office in Shenzhen, located in Mainland China. The store primarily catered to coordination and quality examination of products that bore the name of Binatone.
Already expanded across major portions of the world, the brand is at its quintessential best to stretch its wings farther and beyond.

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